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About Rise Against Hunger

We at ActiveChange™, are excited to be partnering with an organization called Rise Against Hunger. They specialize in assembling and distributing the meals to needy kids and families around the world. Rise Against Hunger meals consist of rice, soy protein, dried vegetables, and 23 essential vitamins and minerals.

These meals were designed to provide the greatest nutritional value in the most efficient, shelf-stable package in order to reverse the effects of malnutrition in children and adults. When you buy our complete probiotics, we contribute a portion of your purchase to this great organization.

With your purchase, you will help get tangible outcomes, like changing the future of communities in need, around the world:


  • Providing in-school meals through school feeding programs can increase children’s abilities to concentrate and learn. (World Bank, 2013)
  • Keeping kids fed in school increases retention rates. (WFP, 2012)
  • For every year a child stays in school, the child increases his/her earnings potential by 10 percent. (USAID, 2013)
  • Educated girls are likely to marry later and have fewer children, who in turn are more likely to survive. (UNICEF, 2012)




ActiveChange™ Nutrition Works With Communities in South America

Rise Against Hunger reaches around the world, and ActiveChange™ focuses on the need in South America, specifically in places such as Haiti, Belize, Nicaragua, and San Salvador.

Read Marta's Story to learn how you can make a difference when you purchase ActiveChange™:

MARTA'S STORY: In a remote Guatemalan village where the highest average education level is third-grade, seven girls supported by Rise Against Hunger meals graduated from their local high school and now attend university. The number of students attending elementary and middle school, especially girls, has also increased by more than 40 percent. One of the first graduates, Marta (now 21) is pursuing her dream of agricultural engineering despite being told it is a man’s job. Others are completing studies in social sciences, social work, nursing, and education.

It's time for you to help stop hunger and feel better. Our probiotic, featuring bacillus coagulans, could help you do both. Order yours today and get free shipping!

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