“Almost immediate benefits (within 24- 48 hours the user will begin to feel better). Improved digestion, less bloating and consistent stools without constipation. Pills I found are easy to swallow, and do not have any bad smells and/or after tastes. Helps to alleviate irritable bowel syndrome.”

- G.H.

“To be honest, I was a little nervous because probiotics can act very fast in helping your digestion, and I was working that day....and did not want any surprise bathroom  By day 3, I was very regular, my belly was a lot flatter than usually and no more bloating or gas.”

 - P.C.

“I would highly recommend these to anyone that wants to start out taking probiotics. It has made my bowel movements much more regular and my stomach no longer gets upset eating greasy or fatty foods. Try them, you've got nothing at all to lose!”

- K.P.

“I was amazed!! These little pills really have regulated my digestive system. I have been taking these for 2 weeks now and I have noticed my digestive system works better. I never had digestive issues until I started taking a lot of medication, this keeps me on a regular schedule and it really helps with the occasional bloat and gas.”

 - Tammy

“I have never really believed this kind of stuff helped. I had some health scares and started really thinking about taking better care of myself, not only on the outside but mainly from the inside. Yes, I was very skeptical but now I am very very pleased with taking my probiotics. Just after taking this for 7 days I feel less bloated and I always felt more bloated than I should. I have always had a problem with constipation and I have been going regularly just after 4 days...without running and looking for the closet bathroom. So far so very very good.”

 - Amazon Customer

“My sister has IBS and has to take probiotics on a regular basis. This has become her choice of brand. She's tried many others over the years and some work for a while, then stop. When this happens she is forced to always be near a bathroom with no warnings most of the time. Depending on what she digests she becomes bloated and very uncomfortable, but these have helped put the good bacteria back in her system and the trips to the restroom are not as often or urgent. She said she feels as if she has more energy and there has not been any stomach upset with these.”

“I have irritable bowel syndrome and feel like it has helped me with the problems associated with my diagnosis. I also feel like it has improved my digestion since I have started using this product.”

“The benefits of Probiotics are undeniable, especially for people like me, who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). After I started taking the ACTIVECHANGE probiotic tablets for about a week, I had definitely noticed that I am a lot less bloated, with much less discomfort. Digestion is tricky for people with my condition: you never know when to expect the pain and other symptoms.”

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